This is the current status of JHTML pertaining to the current public release.
Component Name Percent Complete Additional Info Final Revision
Main Editor Views
Basic Functionality
90% Both basics of internal/standard views implemented and basic behaviors Maybe
Main Editor Models
( See Syntax Highlighting )
n/a More models will be created as needed, but this should be enough No
Syntax Highlighting 70% It works, but there are a few bugs that become very prevelant when exploited ( only coloring related ) that need to be fixed. No
Progress Screens, Splash Screen 90% Not sure if I like the new splash screen, I might change it, along with the progress bars No
GUI Utilities 100% I haven't need much control over the GUI aspect of JHTML, so this should be it. Yes
Networking 0% Nothing has been done in this area, but when we do develop it, it should progress quickly No
JavaDoc Documentation 10% JHTML keeps growing, but the JavaDoc doesn't :) No