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Welcome to JHTML's Homepage.

   JHTML is an Open Source HTML editor being written in Java. JHTML support some basic and advanced text editing features, please take a look at the features page to get an idea of what JHTML can do for you.

   This homepage is here to provide information and links to JHTML related topics, files, and information. If you have questions, comments, feature requests, bug reports, etc. please contact me.

   On a personal note, many might wonder why this project exists when it seems everyone and their mother has written a HTML editor or some editor that can handle HTML, quite frankly, this project was just a personal desire on my part. I wanted to get farmiliar with Java more than I've am, and I wanted a cross platform HTML editor that wasn't part of a 20meg IDE, if this editor benefits someone and turns out to be helpful in anyway, that's wonderful. The only thing I can ask in return is to try and keep those bug reports comming! :)